Monday, April 18, 2016

Spider Plate welding and Tampier Throttle

The process of welding the spider plate reinforcements has begun.

Inside each opening, a piece if  0.090 in. thick steel is welded in place. It is 1 inch wide. 

This is a slow and tedious process but I will post progress pictures as the happen.

After dinner, Alex Hansen come over and we began working on the replica Tampier Throttle which consists of a large throttle lever and a smaller mixture control knob.I wasn't able to find many pictures of an original throttle, but here is what I found:

I did find Mark Miller's fantastic computer generated images though.....

Paul Dougherty was kind enough to share his original Tampier drawings.

 I decided not to make an exact replica, but rather one that looks pretty darn close and follows the same dimensions.  Another change - modern pilots are used to levers going forward to increase the engine speed and richen the mixture. The LeRhones, work the other way! Take a closer look at Mark's picture.

We are going to extend the bottom of the levers so the linkages can work like modern airplanes.

On to AutoCad.....

The parts have been sent to Dynamic Edge Technology for water jet cutting.  I also ordered the round stock to make the knobs on the lathe.

More soon


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