Monday, March 21, 2016

Straightening tubes and bending tubes

There was quite a kink in one of the vertical tubes right behind the cockpit. Before I cut the old tube out and replace it with a new one, I wanted to straighten it.

To straighten, a piece of angle iron is clamped to the bent tube with a spacer at the top and the bottom.

Here you can see the extent of the bend.

A clamp is placed in the middle and the tube is pulled back into place.  Of course, you have to bend past where you want it because of the tube will spring back after you release the pressure.

Now it is ready for the splice.

Since we straightened a tube, we bent another.  With the application of heat, the last lower longeron was formed.

The fuselage tapers - meaning the top is wider than the bottom.  The upper longerons are straight (except the last bay) so the fuselage will be built upside down.  Here you can see where the upper longerons will be spliced into the fuselage.

Once the spider plate is done, we can lay out the dimensions and start cutting splices.

More later this week.  Enjoy


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