Monday, March 14, 2016

Saving the good parts

Over the last few days, we spent a lot of time extracting the usable parts from the bent portion of the airframe.

The firewall was removed.  It will be good for a pattern when we make a new one.

The control stick was salvageable but the rudder bar pedestal was bent, so all we could save was the rudder bar.

We removed the cabane struts.  The front ones were OK, but the rear ones had a lot of internal corrosion.  I suspect we will make new ones.

Front landing gear fittings.

Lastly, the rear fuselage was sprayed with a de-greaser and pressure washed. It cleaned off the old caster oil and fabric glue residue.

The 7/8 in. .035 tubing has been ordered and the spider plate should be done this week.  More soon.



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