Friday, March 4, 2016

Nieuport arrives

After a long 14 hour drive, Jerry Wells and the Nieuport arrived in Georgia unscathed.

Work has begun on the jig table but in the mean time, no restoration can be started without pouring over drawings.  Luckily, I was able to obtain a bunch of them from World War I Aero and a rather rare set of drawings from Mark Zilinski in Chicago.

The front of the fuselage structure was crushed so a new spider plate has to be made. This is the drawing we used for a reference.

Let me introduce my neighbor, Alex Hansen.  He is one of those "computer types" who mentioned he would gladly convert that drawing into an AutoCad file. I wasted no time utilizing his talents.

Here is the piece we will be making, the picture taken from a Nieuport parts catalog.

Alex finished the AutoCad drawing and I ordered a piece of 3ft x 4 ft piece of 4130 steel in .125 in thickness.  Once it arrives, I will take it to the local water jet cutter.

On a side note, the airplane is finished in the colors of one of the founders of the famed Lafayette Escadrille. Victor Chapman was an interesting character from a wealthy family in New York who died in combat.

His father published a book about his life which I have started reading.

You can actually read it for free here:

More soon.  Enjoy.



  1. Hi I have red your website. Where did you found the Nieuport 11 blueprint?

  2. i got a great set of drawings from the folks at World War 1 Aero.