Friday, March 18, 2016


A long package arrived from Wicks Aircraft yesterday.  Inside was 60 ft of 7/8in square tubing of .035in wall thickness.

Looking at the drawings, the dimensions were plotted on the jig table.  The top longerons are basically straight, but the last 32 inches gently curves down 2 inches.

The lower longerons curve a whole lot more.

Here is how we did it.  First, a length of tubing was clamped in a vice.

Heat was applied on the top and the bottom while pulling a steady pressure on the end of the tube.

If you keep working this slowly, heating six or seven inches at a time, the tube takes a nice gradual bend.  I pushed the tube with my left hand while heating with my right one.

After a few heat / check. heat/ check  cycles, the top longeron was done.


The lower longeron has a lot more curve.

Tube in the vice, the process was repeated.

Getting close.  More heat.More pulling.

This is as far as we got today - the kids were on their way home from school and I had to stop.  The top two longerons are bent and one lower longeron is half way there.

More soon.  Enjoy


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